Next State is a digital textile print company based in Melbourne Australia. Working with the latest in printing technology Next State specialises in printing cotton and linen natural fibre textiles as well as polyester fabrics. The fabric selection available comes in a variety of different weights, weaves and composition suitable for Apparel, Interiors, home wares and accessories.


Digital Printing

You can select fabrics from our range and print your supplied artwork onto

Artwork Library

We are thrilled to present a collection of artworks by talented textile and surface designers. Prints can be selected from the Next State Artwork Library, printed onto your choice of fabric to be used for personal or commercial applications.

File Preparation and Artwork Creation

We have an in-house designer who can create artwork to meet your brief. We can prepare your artwork ready for print which may includet setting up scale, repeats or colour manipulation. If you have any questions regarding artwork creation or need a quote please contact

Our Technology

Working with the latest in digital textile printing machinery and ink innovation we are constantly striving to produce high quality printing with excellent colour re-production.

Our natural fabric printing is done using waster based nano pigments. Using a digital printer the inks are printed onto a pre-treated textile through an ink jet print head. The nano pigments create the colouration on the textile and are bonded to the fibres using heat and pressure. Our Polyester Printing is done using Dye Sublimation.

Our Customers

If you have years of experience or are new to the industry or maybe just have a textile project in mind, everyone is welcome at Next State.

We pride ourselves on making our technology and digital textile printing accessible to everyone. We are constantly inspired by the breadth of applications printing has and the versatile backgrounds our customers come from.

Our customers range from vertical retailers, wholesalers, fashion and interior brands, textile designers, surface artists, visual artists, galleries, merchandisers, museums, small and large business owners and students



We are well aware that our consumer habits have direct consequences on people and planet. As a society we make well educated decisions on what we purchase, as part of that decision we now look to include principals of sustainability and ethics.

At Next State we have invested in technology leading the way in sustainable textile colouration.

Direct digital printing, is sending a file from a computer to print onto a fabric. At Next State we are proud to be printing natural fabrics using Pigment Ink directly onto fabric which is bonded by heat and pressure to the fibre. Unlike many other forms of printing, digital and screen, with pigment ink we utilise no water and have no waste ink during the printing process. A percentage of our power at Next State is supplied from renewable energy sources. Digital Printing challenges the thought process of traditional product development, by allowing for a concept to be tested in the market place before committing to larger volume. It allows for a true on demand business practice.

Our Polyester Printing is done using dye Sublimation in which dye is printed onto paper and then transferred onto the textile. Our Digital Printing has no lengthy set-up’s and processes involved in the production of the prints, you can print as little as one meter. Digital Pigment Printing is a true testament to a world of mass customisation as a pose to mass production. All printing by Next State is produced from our Factory in Melbourne.

Next State natural fabric prints use a Nano Pigment Ink, the Ink is water based. Our Polyester Fabric printing is done use water based disperse dyes. Next State Inks and Dyes are manufactured by suppliers using Oeko-Tex approved chemicals and colourants.