Custom Fabric 'Christmas Fruit Salad' by Rachael King

Christmas Fruit Salad

Rachael King

Custom Fabric 'Summertime Sweetness' by Cecilia Mok

Summertime Sweetness

Cecilia Mok

Custom Fabric 'Fruits of the Forest Mint' by Esther Fallon Lau

Fruits of the Forest Mint

Esther Fallon Lau

Custom Fabric 'Berries Purple in Bright Yellow' by Maggie Lam Surface Design

Berries Purple in Bright Yellow

Maggie Lam Surface Design

Custom Fabric 'Fruit Symphony Golden' by Cecilia Mok

Fruit Symphony Golden

Cecilia Mok

Custom Fabric 'Fruit Symphony Pastels' by Cecilia Mok

Fruit Symphony Pastels

Cecilia Mok

Custom Fabric 'Pears Figs Lemons' by Cecilia Mok

Pears Figs Lemons

Cecilia Mok

Custom Fabric 'Fruit Song Apples and Pears' by Mel Armstrong

Fruit Song Apples and Pears

Mel Armstrong

Custom Fabric 'Strawberry Fields Coral' by Zonkt - by Kim Spiteri

Strawberry Fields Coral

Zonkt - by Kim Spiteri

Custom Fabric 'Choco Pink Strawberry' by Angie Hollister

Choco Pink Strawberry

Angie Hollister